Louis Vuitton collaborates with Johnny Dufort for a photographic series of Cindy Sherman and her recent conception for the Celebrating Monogram project.

Recognized for his unusual, stylized aesthetic, Johnny Dufort was Louis Vuitton's choice to shoot visual artist Cindy Sherman’s collaboration in this series of captivating stills. Cindy Sherman has been redefining boundaries as an image-maker since the 1970's and for the Monogram project she took inspiration from the patchwork of hotel stickers affixed to vintage Louis Vuitton trunks.

Johnny Dufort’s images capture the renowned artist’s universe in contrasting settings. Immersed in a theatrical setting putting on makeup from the customized studio in a trunk and also outside, in natural light and in movement on her bike, the model wears the camera messenger bag with ease across her body.

Discover more about the Celebrating Monogram project here.

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