With more than one thousand objects and documents, this new book pays homage to Gaston-Louis Vuitton, an ‘unrepentant collector’, with wide interests and voracious curiosity.

A collector since his childhood, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who belonged to the third generation of the Vuitton family, accumulated hundreds of objects from far and wide.

Gaston-Louis’ three principal hobbies were books, gardening, and photography. A captain of industry with eclectic tastes, his imagination was fed by colorful geometric window displays, realizing his clients’ most extravagant desires, and initiating collaborations between artists, sculptors, illustrators and decorators of the Art Deco period.

With more than one thousand objects and unpublished documents, this is a cabinet of curiosities in book form, revealing the passions of an indefatigable traveller (Exotica), a scrupulous inventor (Scientifica), a meticulous craftsman (Artificialia), and an erudite bibliophile (Mirabilia).

Edited by Patrick Mauriès, with texts by John Banville, Stephen Bayley, Alberto Manguel, Delphine Saurat, Pierre Senges, this book is available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide, and in bookstores from September 2017.

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