“Great design, sustainability and a great business do go hand in hand” - Michael Burke.

As part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of LVMH’s commitment to the environment, Louis Vuitton CEO Michael Burke, referring to the Horizon luggage, showed that improving a product’s environmental performance will give House customers an even greater pleasure in their experience.

Horizon luggage is the most eloquent testament to this fact. The ultra-light materials of its construction such as the aluminium cane, 50%-finer canvas and composite body make it lighter and sturdier than ever before. It provides the traveler with remarkable comfort, in addition to reducing CO2 impact by 20% during use.

Beyond the highly technical patented parts, the use of local supplies, coupled with the entirely France-based assembly, limits transport requirements upstream and ensures both access to the savoir-faire required and respect for appropriate environmental practices (our workshops are ISO14001 certified).

Lastly, Horizon’s design is what makes it so sturdy, promising long lasting use critical to reducing the environmental footprint. 70% of all repairs to this luggage can be performed in a Louis Vuitton store within 48 hours, minimizing transport and offering a high-quality service, “Sustainability is actually the friend of designers.”

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