Louis Vuitton publishes two new titles in its “Travel Book” collection illustrated by artists from around the world. In this edition, Italian comic book author Lorenzo Mattotti discovers Vietnam.

A Parisian by adoption, Lorenzo Mattotti was born in Brescia, Italy, in 1954. He studied architecture in Venice then moved towards the graphic novel form, of which he is now one of the best representatives. In this travel book dedicated to Vietnam, Mattotti opens us towards a vibrant world of color suffused with energy and vitality. His illustrations are an open window to his impressions, leaving us contemplative.

The Louis Vuitton “Travel Book” collection is an invitation to real and virtual voyages, offering a contemporary vision of travel. In its pages, the illustrations of renowned artists and promising young talents tell the stories of the cities and countries they have visited, depicting each place’s varied architecture and special light, and recording the passing days and the lives of its people.

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