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Monumental heels

The Monumenta ankle boot is inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa, one of the great Italian architects of the 20th century. Carlo Scarpa is best known for the symmetry and starkness of his lines, as well as his towering style.

Above: The architecture of Carlo Scarpa.

Monumenta is the perfect moniker for these shoes. A stunning design offers a sculptural take on the classic stacked heel. Their elegance draws inspiration from the Venetian Carlo Scarpa, a major figure of 20th century architecture, but also a sensitive artist and brilliant designer. Recognized for his ingenuity in seamlessly integrating ultra-modern creations into classical and heritage settings, he deftly wields the layers of history.

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Right: Ankle boot in black velvet.

Combining modern creations with the classics is something that particularly resonates with Maison Louis Vuitton, which also enjoys navigating between the past, present and future. This unique model with its sleek lines and architectural design bestows allure and confidence, to step forth in absolute elegance.