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Free, singular, powerful… How to define the Louis Vuitton woman? The answer is inevitably plural: she must be observed and admired in her diversity.


Ambitious: Having ambition
having a desire to achieve a particular goal.
Ambitious for success.


When you are 23, both your talent and your ambition are measured on social media.
Over 56 million people – an entire country’s worth of fans – follow Selena Gomez every day on Instagram. Need we say more?
She embraces the idea that fashion, like music, is an ambition. And so Miss Gomez has become a standard-bearer for sophistication. I dress, therefore I am. And why not?


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Spontaneous: Proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint, arising from a momentary impulse. A very spontaneous girl.

Just who is Doona Bae? An actress? A model? A photographer? A superstar in her own country, that’s for sure! For all her delicate beauty, reminiscent of a Tanagra figurine, and despite her soft voice and enigmatic presence, Doona Bae is a very modern miss – the representative of a new world, a new style, a new femininity. From a new Eden where actresses are modern divinities.


Free: Enjoying personal freedom; not subject to the control or domination of another. To be free to decide.

Belles de jour, reines de nuit… Misses Deneuve and Moss have always been objects of desire, yet neither has ever belonged to a particular tribe or trend. They are, by nature, free. No matter if they’re on a movie set or a fashion shoot, on the red carpet or in some discreet hideaway, they always seem to have chosen the moment in question. A rare quality.

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Instinctive: Prompted by natural feeling or intuition.
Her intelligence is instinctive.


You need to have faith in your intuition in order to navigate so effortlessly between so many different genres. And surely it is instinct that enables Léa Seydoux to front small productions with raw strength and illuminate big-budget movies with conviction. Thirty years old, she has the same number of films to her credit – a glittering career that highlights an essential aspect of her personality: authenticity.


Independent: Not subject to control by others;
not requiring or relying on others.
An independent character.

By marrying Napoléon III in 1853, Eugenia Maria de Montijo became Empress of France.
Her striking style and beauty turned many heads – indeed, it is claimed in some quarters that Eugénie invented fashion. She also made the education of girls a priority and campaigned for the Baccalaureate to be awarded for the first time to a woman. Surely, the beginnings of feminism.

OUR HEROINES - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS
OUR HEROINES - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS


Singular: Of or relating to one person,
thing, or instance.
Every life is singular.

Lightning is the protagonist of the globally successful video game Final Fantasy XIII. She looks like nobody else, instantly identifiable by her pink hair and long red cape. Her favorite weapon? A gunblade! Or maybe her blue eyes… During combat, this warrior can invoke Odin, her great white horse. Her mantra? “It’s not whether you can do it, but whether you should do it.” Fascinating.


Pioneer: A person who opens the way for something,
who is the first to do something.

She grew up in England, won over Hong Kong and the Asian film business with her striking beauty, then took the entire world by storm. Maggie Cheung was the pioneer, the first actress from the Middle Kingdom to become a global star. Since then, her screen appearances have been rare, but her image haunts us still. As does the hope that one day we will once more come under the spell of the magical Maggie Cheung.

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Daring: Willing to do dangerous or difficult things.
A daring girl.

Cindy Sherman is the absolute artist, the one who dares to reduce to next to nothing the distance between artist and subject. She has dared to pose, by turns, as a little girl, a clown, a corpse, and a failed actress, evoking the representation of women in particular, and our fragility in general. Her “I” speaks to the collective “me”. Thank you, Cindy Sherman, your daring is our catharsis.



Determined: Not weak or uncertain;
having or showing the will to do something.
Be determined to obtain something.

How do you survive in Los Angeles when you were a star at the age of 20? By sheer willpower, an elegant if somewhat outdated word, Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander seem to answer. Michelle Williams, fair and fresh-faced, has the humility – and the genius – to let herself disappear behind her character. The same intuition, that of the pure actress, is evident in Alicia Vikander, whose beauty and poise betray her training as a dancer. Both are bona fide stars.

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Avant-garde: Of or relating to an avant-garde artist. Belonging to a group of people who develop new and often surprising ideas in art, literature etc.


« I loathe nostalgia, I don’t believe in anything before penicillin », said the vastly influential columnist and editor of Harper’s Bazaar and US Vogue between 1936 and 1971. She was herself the embodiment of avant-garde. Mrs. V. – a high priestess of style – demonstrated that fashion was not without intellect. More than a lesson in elegance, the personality of Diana Vreeland is a lesson in life.