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Tambour Evolution is an aesthetical departure from the original Tambour, rewriting the codes of Louis Vuitton’s iconic watch and offering a rarely equaled feeling of power and technical expertise.

Designed for the modern, urban, globetrotting man, the Tambour Evolution is the definitive evocation of everyday performance. Available with a self-winding GMT or GMT-chronograph caliber, with a day/night indicator, in steel or pink gold, the Tambour eVolution combines modernity and passion for travel.

Edgy and competitive, the Tambour Evolution draws on the energy of its dual-material assembly: steel (or gold) combined with Black MMC. Used primarily in the aerospace industry and the highly competitive world of Formula 1, Black MMC – Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) - presents exceptional hard-wearing and lightweight qualities. It propels the Tambour Evolution into the world of very high technology.

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