Louis Vuitton is pleased to present this year’s Travel Campaign, celebrating the timeless and essential spirit that captures the Maison’s historic core values.

    The Campaign unfolds as a travelogue: photographer Angelo Pennetta captured the models Rianne van Rompaey, Fei Fei Sun and Kit Butler in sublime landscapes of Vietnam, from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh and its temples. Against these evocative backdrops, each shot expresses the serenity and magic of travel, embodied by Louis Vuitton’s iconic leather goods.

    As if suspended in time, the new campaign expresses the importance of imagination and escapism, two values that are at the heart of Louis Vuitton, while also inviting us to slow down and refocus on what is essential. Through the spectacular landscapes of Vietnam, Pennetta’s images along with styling by Fran Burns capture a sense of the eternal that can be found in even the most fleeting of moments.

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    Travel Campaign The Spirit of Travel

    Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: Cœur Battant - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    Cœur Battant, the new women’s fragrance from Maison Louis Vuitton, is an invitation to live every moment with passion.

    Since 2016, traveling has set the tone for Louis Vuitton’s olfactory creations. A journey that is more a metaphor, experienced within the soul, than an expedition across expanses of land and sea; in this adventure, the rush of departure matters more than the destination; a journey that has every sense eagerly poised to respond, as you need only close your eyes to be whisked away to the far ends of the earth.

    Cœur Battant occupies its own place in the emotional cartography of the Maison’s creations: like a wave of emotion sweeping through you, this fragrance is an invitation to listen to your heart and live every moment with passion.

    The Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud gives body to this instinctive and passionate perfume with a luscious bite of sparkling pear inciting you to enjoy life to the full. Then comes the perfume’s beating heart of sunny Egyptian jasmine and sensual ylang-ylang, a luminous flower that blooms in the tropics, bringing a sensation of delectable opulence. Highlighting this heart of white blossoms, patchouli adds depth to the composition. A perfume with a compelling character, suspended somewhere between freshness and sensuality.

    A perfume that is an ode to life, a scent that captures the dizzying excitement of pending emotion, just as its creator desired.

    A fragrance for women – purely and simply.

    Cœur Battant joins the first nine perfumes in the collection: Rose des Vents, Turbulences, Dans La Peau, Attrapes-Rêves, Apogée, Contre Moi, Matière Noire, Mille Feux, and Le Jour Se Lève.

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    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • NEW CAPUCINES FOR FALL - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    With the arrival of autumn comes the latest crop of Louis Vuitton Capucines bags, photographed here by Craig McDean and styled by Marie-Amélie Sauvé.

    As one of the Maison’s New Classics, the Capucines is continually reimagined with new finishes, colors, and materials. For Fall 2019 these include rich emerald, crimson red, and golden yellow taurillon leathers accented by python details – a fashion-forward statement to usher in the colors of the new season.

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    Handbags Leather goods New Classics

    Inspired by the season's colorful store windows, Louis Vuitton launches new digital watch faces for the Tambour Horizon Connected Watch.

    Neon and electric, the Monogram flowers and LV initials pop as if glowing in the dark. Choose from the four new designs to give an entirely new and eye-catching look to your Tambour Horizon Connected Watch.

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    Timepieces Tambour Horizon #LVConnected

    • ICONS IN MONOGRAM - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • ICONS IN MONOGRAM - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    • ICONS IN MONOGRAM - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
    Louis Vuitton celebrates the most emblematic symbol of the Maison through a selection of its most modern bags.

    Since 1896 when Georges Vuitton first designed the Monogram pattern, Louis Vuitton’s iconic canvas has proven to be eternally youthful, unfailingly modern, and renowned the world over. 

    Today, the enduring motif is constantly reimagined and reinterpreted across all the Maison’s designs, including more recent shapes: the Montaigne, the Dauphine, the NéoNoé, the Pochette Métis, the Petite Malle, and the Boite Chapeau Souple.

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