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For the fourth year in a row, Louis Vuitton invited six leading contemporary artists to transform the Capucines from blank canvas to limited-edition artwork. A testament to the iconic bag’s ability to inspire unbridled creativity, Amelie Bertrand, Daniel Buren, Ugo Rondinone, Peter Marino, Park Seo-Bo and Kennedy Yanko have brought their unique creative visions to the bag’s timeless design.

Amélie Bertrand

The first-ever Capucines to glow in the dark, the French artist’s dazzling bag radiates a warm phosphorescence inspired by the atmosphere of summer nightlife.

Daniel Buren

Employing the French artist’s trademark black-and-white stripes, his creation plays with signature themes in an ingenious “double-design” concept.

Ugo Rondinone

Colorful and joyful, the Swiss artist’s design is an homage to the clown and rainbow motifs often found in his oeuvre.

Peter Marino

Striking and powerful, the renowned architect’s all-black design is based upon a found antique studded trunk.

Park Seo-Bo

Richly embellished, the Korean master’s bag adapts a 2016 work from his celebrated “Écriture” series to the surface of the Capucines.

Kennedy Yanko

The American artist’s powerfully sculptural creation is a translation of her trademark metal and “paint skin” works into leather.

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