Fashion - Fragrances 01/28

Étoile Filante: The New Women’s Fragrance

Louis Vuitton unveils its newest women's fragrance that evokes emotions and celebrates joy, hope and beauty in its purest form.

The Film

Étoile Filante takes its name from a shooting star, illuminating the night sky and tracing out a radiant future. Turning dreams into reality, Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud captures the essence of pure joy in his newest creation, with an exhilarating floral blend of osmanthus, jasmine and magnolia.

The Perfume

The osmanthus flower, with its naturally fruity nuances of peach and cassis, infuse the perfume with its radiant and heady fragrance, while its floral character is further amplified with a touch of jasmine, adding a velvety aspect with light notes of sun-ripened strawberries. Magnolia, the perfect illustration of floral freshness, elevates the fragrance’s vibrance and richness, for a shimmering whisper of white musk envelops the flowers in a veil of softness that gently caresses the skin.

Osmanthus was my first revelation amongst raw materials…its marvelous scent, as well as name that evokes distant horizons, immediately fascinated me.

The Collection

Since 2016, the notion of travel has set the tone for Louis Vuitton’s olfactory creations. Inspired by suspended moments in time, each Eau de Parfum is an invitation to embark on an emotional journey experienced with the soul.

Étoile Filante $350.00
Heures d'Absence $350.00
Coeur Battant $350.00
Attrape-Rêves $350.00
Le Jour Se Lève $350.00
Rose des Vents $350.00