Fashion - Shoes 12/01

Women’s Fall-Winter 2020 Shoes

Follow a day in the life of Peggy Gou as she explores Berlin in a selection of Louis Vuitton’s latest shoes.

The Film

The Berlin-based South Korean DJ shares some insight into her world of music and the soundtrack of her mind.

Shoes are like the bass in the song.
Without it, you aren’t going very far.

The Campaign

Showcasing iconoclastic fashion, where gender lines become increasingly fluid, the new Louis Vuitton women’s shoe collection boasts a striking, urban and more boyish item for Fall-Winter 2020.

Since 1854 LV Archlight Sneaker $1,560.00
Knit Face Mask $340.00

The Selection

Find a selection below or click at the bottom to explore the full collection. Order online or through our Client Services for home delivery.

LV Beaubourg Platform Derby $1,540.00
LV Beaubourg Ankle Boot $1,950.00
Laureate Platform Desert Boot $1,930.00
Metropolis Flat Ranger $2,200.00