Maison - Store Openings 04/25

Louis Vuitton Store in Macau

The facade

From airport-sized casinos to larger-than-life arenas, Macao is a rich blend of people, cultures and history. To some, it's the Las Vegas of the East; for others it is a picturesque haven of ancient temples, Chinese gardens and bamboo groves.

Over 50,000 sculpted LV flowers, backlit with colored LEDs create an exterior wall of shimmering lights and textural contrasts. It is one of the largest façades in Asia Pacific, to say nothing of the most breathtaking.

The interior

The three levels of this grand store are distinct yet complementary. A rich masculine ambiance—veneer panels, chrome fixtures, dark wood floors—dominates the first floor, where the Men's Universe is located along with the first ever men’s Bag Bar. The Women's Universe, on the second level, brings a balanced contrast with bright space and light colors. Topping off the space is an exceptional gallery, VIP Suite and 195-square-meter patio.

Louis Vuitton's global art patronage is in evidence with the witty and thought-provoking, unreal scene. This horizontal sculpture of Macau city made entirely from poker chips, was specially created for the store by local artist Liu Jianhua.

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