Maison - Store Openings 04/28

Louis Vuitton Omotesando Store in Tokyo

The neighborhood

Staggeringly tall skyscrapers dominate Tokyo's skyline, while its streets pulse with blinking neon and fashion-forward crowds. The city’s penchant for stimulating the senses can be lulled by visits to its hushed parks and gardens.

The sophisticated, tree-lined Omotesando Avenue is as cosmopolitan as Paris' Champs-Élysées. Filled with upscale stores, it has become renowned for its stunning architecture as much as its international shopping.

The facade

A pile of trunks, stacked at random. Soft, rectangular metal screens. By using a double layer of three different kinds of metal mesh fabric and two kinds of polished stainless steel panels, architect Jun Aoki created a façade that conveys the texture of fallen leaves from the big zelkova trees in front of the building.

The interior

Instead of “floors”, the store is an assemblage of angular boxes in various scales, proportions and natural light conditions, sometimes opening outward to encompass the city, sometimes more inclosed and intimate.

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