Fashion Shows - Women 10/01

Women’s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Show in Paris

Nicolas Ghesquière presented his Louis Vuitton Women’s Spring-Summer 2022 Collection in Paris on Tuesday October 5th.


Louis Vuitton reveals a selection of bags from the Spring-Summer 2022 Collection that include new designs as well as reinterpretations of iconic models. To celebrate the 200 years of Mr. Louis Vuitton, the collection highlights the Maison’s signature Petite Malle, transformed into different shapes.

The Louvre

The collection is unveiled in the Louvre’s beautiful Passage Richelieu, which Mr. Louis Vuitton used to reach the apartments of Empress Eugenie, for whom he was the exclusive trunk-maker. Located between Paris’ iconic Rue de Rivoli and the Louvre Museum, the passage opens onto the Cour Napoléon and the Pyramid. Nicolas Ghesquière chose to amplify its nebulous atmosphere by holding the show at dusk. For over 15 years, Louis Vuitton’s sustainability development policy has been in place, ensuring our targets on the conversation of natural resources, climate control, and the positive impact of the Maison on society. Today, 97% of Louis Vuitton shows and event sets are reused or recycled, and a second life is anticipated from their conception. For the Spring-Summer 2022 show, 20 tons of material, including chandeliers and chairs were rented, all scenography elements will be donated to ArtStock, and all wooden elements were crafted from FSC certified wood.

I wanted to situate this ready-to-wear collection at the threshold of couture. It’s unabashed luxury that demonstrates the opulence of the Maison’s savoir-faire.


The Spring-Summer 2022 Collection is an invitation to the grand ball of time, uniting wardrobes of different eras, thus creating a fusion of generations. Having recently designed costumers for characters including lead actress Alicia Vikander in “Irma Vep”, a new series by Olivier Assayas for HBO, the Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Director was inspired by the premise of a vampire figure who travels through the ages, adapting to dress codes of the era he lives in while maintaining a certain air of the past. Heritage, transmission, and timelessness are more than ever at the core of the collection: as time goes on, clothes evolve, the archetypes from different generations are transformed, appropriated, personalized, and reconstructed again. Clothes become part of a new story brimming with different identities and emotions.


This season, Nicolas Ghesquière explores the tension of opposing forces: present and past, construction and deconstruction, couture and casual, day and night. Embroidered ball gowns meet an urban wardrobe and formal wear juxtaposes with twisted humble uniforms. The collection also plays with size and shape, enlarging, shrinking, and mixing to create unexpected forms, such as a pleated skirt that can be transformed into a cape. Light and ethereal, crafted from shredded chiffon, Ghesquière introduces Ellipse dresses with crinolines, evoking Louis Vuitton’s early days when he invented functional, lightweight trunks for transporting these structures, an innovation that answered the needs of the times.


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