Women’s Fall-Winter 2022

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Women’s Fall-Winter 2022

Louis Vuitton reveals the Fall-Winter 2022 Women’s campaign photographed by David Sims with images that resemble living paintings.

The Campaign

Nicolas Ghesquière’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection is dedicated to youth, exploring the formative adolescent years that allow one to forge character. Based on the idea of freedom of movement and a youthful desire to customize everything, the collection was designed to be mixed and matched depending on mood in order to approach taste as a personal construct.

The Collection

This season, Nicolas Ghesquière showcases tops and scarf-skirts worn in various ways, while the idea of a school uniform is reflected with kilts, oversized cardigans and silk trousers. Focusing on the theme of freedom of movement, silhouettes take on a mirage-like effect with mille-feuille dresses in chiffon and tulle. Reminiscent of concert t-shirts, a selection of pieces showcase Photographer David Sims’ photographs from the 1990s. Additionally, a new all-over Monogram motif is introduced on a selection of bags, while new shapes such as the Loop and Petite Malle V further enhance the collection.