The GO-14

Reminiscent of Nicolas Ghesquière’s first Louis Vuitton fashion show in October 2014, the GO-14 brings its unique allure to all aspects of everyday life through versatile color and size variations.

Exclusively available in Louis Vuitton stores.

    The Malletage

    Originally designed to quilt the inside of trunks and protect their precious contents, Malletage now adorns the GO-14, in the same way as Louis Vuitton's historic art of travel signature icons.


      From the lambskin leather and gilded finishes to the bag's quilted exterior and refined interior details, the GO-14 calls on the expertise and savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton's ateliers – perpetuating the Maison's long tradition of leatherworking craftsmanship.

      Caring For Your GO-14

      An emblem of exceptional craftsmanship – the GO-14 embodies the Maison's commitment to longevity as a creation that withstands the test of time. To preserve your GO-14, as a courtesy, Louis Vuitton offers multiple care, repairing, and restoring services carried out by a trusted team of experts.